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One of the best ways to obtain a portable building is by buying a used portable building. One of the best sources for buying used sheds is dealers. There are several good reasons. For one thing, portable building dealers have the equipment to move the building, and most private sellers don't. For another, dealers tend to collect a few used sheds in the course of doing business, so there are almost always buildings available.

Why dealers have used portable buildings

Most storage building dealers in Texas have rent to own programs. Rent to own is a great program for buying a utility building. It may cost a little more, but it gets the building to you without a lot of hassle with credit checks, and other financial issues. There is another side to rent to own. If and when the owner decides to end payments and the building is returned to the dealer, the dealer has a pre owned portable building for sale.

Used sheds can often be purchased at very fair prices, usually whatever amount was outstanding on the rent to own contract, so the price is dependent on how long the building was rented. The longer it was out, the cheaper the price.


One of the best used utility building programs in Texas comes from Leland's Barns. Leland's makes it easy to find the building you need with their Leland's Pre owned site. They can make sure the building is moved for you with a minimum of hassle. The prices are fair, and Leland's quality and service is outstanding. Since Leland's covers most of the state of Texas, they have a large number of buildings to choose from. Don't forget to ask about scratch and dent specials!

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